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Cathy Gladwin

Our mission is to develop people. Coaching, training and guiding people on their journey is what makes the job worth while.
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Sonia André

Associate Consultants
I am a Consultant, qualified ISO 9001 QMS & BRCGS V8 Lead Auditor, BRCGS ATP and I deliver STC courses too.
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Seamus Gallamoy

Associate Consultants
Consultant & BRCGS V9 auditor, here to guide you through the complex requirements for attaining accreditation.
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Kristy Ozolina

Office Manager
I’m here to look after you, by managing the office here at STC. That involves bringing together scheduling, marketing, bookings and trainers!

Stephanie Stannard

Associate Trainer & Mentor
I’m a mentor & trainer for STC, working with the team to support both personal and business growth.

Máire Griffin

Associate Consultants
I’m a qualified lead auditor and I help businesses with BRCGS standards in a planned and cost effective way that works for your business.

Chisala Ngandwe

Technical Consultant
I am here to fully support your training needs on all STC and Highfield courses, as well as provide consultancy support in food safety and quality.

Trish Rogers

Associate Consultants
BRCGS Professional, FIFST, lead auditor, here to help with technical compliance, to meet compliance standards, coming from a manufacturing background

Kristina Kaminskaite-Lucinskiene

Associate Consultants
Lead ISO 9001 auditor, consultant & trainer at STC. Here to support businesses with their training needs, food safety and quality management systems, route to the certification, and GAP audits.

Eleanor Hayes

Business & Marketing Admin
Bringing you course info, news and offers! Our marketing and course bookings bring you the qualifications you need.

Victoria Tazzyman

Associate Consultants
I'm a BRCGS Lead Auditor, Consultant & Trainer, specialising in food manufacturing, chemistry, meat science & certification compliance.

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Oskar Zaborowski

Consultant & General Manager
I am here to support you; as a BRCGS ATP and registered BRCGS Consultant with Professional Recognition.
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Samantha Finegan

Associate Consultants
I am a BRCGS Auditor, Consultant and Trainer specialising in Food Safety, Storage & Distribution, Packaging and Agents & Brokers Certification.

STC Academy


The QTC Helps Food & Packaging Industries Improve Productivity and Achieve BRCGS and GFSI Product Safety Requirements

We’re proud to announce our work with food and packaging industries around the world to improve productivity and drive continuous improvement using lean 6 sigma methodologies, while achieving, exceeding and then maintaining their BRCGS and GFSI product safety requirements.

We have been successfully providing specialist consultancy services since 2015, under the umbrella of STC (Sirius Training & Certifications Ltd.) a training provider and certification body), to help these industries reach their goals. QTC now stands strong as a separate legal entity, as a subsidiary of STC, so that our consultancy services are completely independent of the STC certification activities. This is to ensure the integrity of audits through STC. Our customers trust us to deliver results, and this has led to repeat business and excellent reviews.

Our team of experts have extensive experience in various food product categories as well as High risk and High care requirements, since we have worked for certificated sites, and we’re experienced trainers and auditors also! We know and are specialists in, the various applicable standards, so we understand the importance of meeting BRCGS and GFSI product safety requirements. We use our knowledge and expertise to help our customers improve their operations and achieve their goals. Often Quality and Technical staff are thought of as the “Sales Police” but we’re here to inform and support businesses so that in fact, we’re all pulling in the same direction, avoiding all unnecessary waste using and teaching product safety as well as lean manufacturing principles.

We are committed to helping our customers succeed and are proud to be able to provide them with the tools and resources they need to do so. We are fully supported by the STC Academy and are able to pass on to our customers great discount to their courses, so don’t hesitate to ask! STC’s team of BRCGS Approved training Partners (ATP’s), are also Approved Virtual Trainers (AVT’s) and STC Academy is also a Highfield Approved training centre. Therefore, your training options are comprehensive!

Contact us at office@qtc.support to find what you need, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and we strive to exceed your expectations, because quite honestly, we care! Even if you just need some career advice, we’re genuinely happy to help.

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