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PCQI Training

We're honoured to have partnered with ImEPIK to bring you online and self paced PCQI training.

Inspectors and auditors look for a well-trained team, and our online PCQI program can ensure your company complies with the latest FDA guidance.

Trusted by thousands of food safety professionals, our training certificate is free and widely accepted by industry and regulatory officials.

Lean 6 Sigma


Brought to you in partnership with 100% Effective Ltd.

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What is Lean Six Sigma Training?

Lean Six Sigma, process excellence, continuous improvement – with so many methodologies around, it’s often difficult to get a clear view of what will work. The basic premise of Lean Six Sigma training, as a whole, is to provide organisations with the tools and insights they need to see where productivity, quality and customer service can be improved.

Lean Six Sigma training is a Business Improvement method, and it is one of the most commonly used around the world. Qualifications and certifications are globally recognised. You can apply your training to any role or business, anywhere in the world.

Lean Six Sigma is a strong combination of two separate Business Improvement methods – Lean and Six Sigma. It is the combination of the two approaches which gives Lean Six Sigma its strength, as it helps businesses become more efficient and make fewer mistakes.

This results in happier staff and more satisfied customers

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